The de Luca Brothers

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The deLuca Brothers

As a composing team, brothers Neil and Matthew de Luca, aka “The de Luca Brothers” combine their talents and ideas to create a single, cohesive brand of scoring. As their career began in the world of songwriting and rock and roll bands, their journey took them for some wild and twisted turns. Bouncing around various deals that left them unsatisfied, the brothers decided to focus their talents on a genre that they have always both loved: film scoring. As one chapter ended, another one began, and “The de Luca Brothers” were born.

Over the years, the Brothers have scored numerous feature and short films with award-winning directors and producers, as well as TV series, specials, and themes. Their songwriting can also be heard on many of today’s most popular network and cable TV shows. Though dramatic by nature, their writing style is diverse, having scored projects that span action, thrillers, documentaries, and romantic comedies. Bringing their unique brand of emotion to the screen, their style is contemporary while maintaining a sure footing in the classic approach.

As members of ASCAP, The Society of Composers and Lyricists, and The Association of Independent Music Publishers, the Brothers stay current and active in the music and film community.

“Our approach to film scoring is similar to an actor’s research of a new role. We musically immerse ourselves in a project to achieve the best results. Working as a team, our goal is to bring the director’s musical vision to the screen.”
–The de Luca Brothers
The deLuca Brothers